Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3rd trimester

I feel like the second trimester FLEW by with baby showers, weddings and the end of the year. They say that is is the "easiest" time of pregnancy and I most definitely agree. It was pretty comfortable. As the days go by, my belly is REALLY growing and getting tight.
Durham is really moving around a lot and likes to poke either his head or butt out at me. It is such a crazy feeling.  I also catch him kicking me on both ends of my tummy. He must love to stretch out like his daddy. I was driving in the car the other day with my mother in law and all of a sudden I got this crazy urge to pee! I was like wow, this has never happened before. Thankfully we were only about 5 min from home, but by the time we got home he had moved and the necessity to pee was not as urgent as it was 5 minutes before! It's crazy that there is a little almost 3 pound 15inch baby inside me growing! I just love it!!
This is the time they say when Durham will be packing on the fat which means I will too! I am really trying to control my eating and not gain too much wait but let him do all the gaining! I was really excited the other day to only gain 1.5 pounds in 4 weeks!
Now we are on every 2 week appointments then 1 week appointments!! So exciting!

Some people....

To preface this for anyone who has not been pregnant before, there are some things that are better left unsaid to pregnant women no matter how pregnant you think they are.
So I was at work last week and a coworker came up to me and poked me in the arm and said "Are you swollen?" So my reaction in my head is "WHAT!?" Who says that to anyone much less a first time pregnant woman! Make a note her I am 28 weeks at this point.
I am naturally a little red and yes have my mother's arms but I do NOT think I have started swelling yet especially not in a 65 degree classroom! I kindly said to her "I don't think so". That is not exactly what I wanted to say to her but I tried to have some couth unlike her!
Since I have started housing a small baby in my belly the hall custodian has started asking me "How y'all doin?' and "I bet you are getting hungry!" The first few times she said it she was nice about it but I'm beginning to get a little tired of it...

Anyway, regardless of all these little comments I have really enjoyed being pregnant so far and most people have been very sweet to me but regardless of what people say, I am honored to carry this sweet miracle from God and look forward to meeting him in 10 weeks!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He found my ribs!!

So earlier, I was talking about how this little man is not a calm one. He has been kicking and kicking and kicking! Recently in the passed few days he has found my ribs!! I have really noticed him pushing against my ribs, specifically my right ribs. Although they may not always be the most comfortable movements to his mamma it is comforting to know he is enjoying himself so much in my belly!
I was telling a coworker about all his movements the other day and she made a very profound comment. She has 2 boys who are in second and fourth grade and noted to me that she will never get those feelings back. She is so right, she said to me "Oh to get those feelings back!" This has made me enjoy every kick and push even more and cherish all the little moments I get with him in my belly!

Dan and Claire's wedding and lots of movement!

Bo and I are so blessed to have such wonderful families and to be a part of such a special day last weekend! We were both in Dan and Claire's wedding and spent the weekend in Johns Creek celebrating with them. Everything was perfect and turned out beautifully.
Although I was a little hesitant of being in a bride's maid dress 28 weeks pregnant, everything worked out wonderfully and everyone was so sweet to me telling me how beautiful I was. The bride's maid luncheon was so special and I am so blessed to have such an amazing woman of God as my sister in law, friend and soon to be aunt of our sweet Durham!!
More and more throughout the weekend, I was able to feel him move.  He has really started moving more in the morning and throughout the day.  I am so enjoying these fun movements!
He woke me up on 7:30 the day of the wedding stretching and doing jumping jacks! I felt him on both sides of my belly!
During the ceremony, he decided to put his butt out and press against me! It was a fun feeling and I will never forget it!
Here are some picture of the weekend! I'm sad I didn't get any with Dan and Claire but right as I was getting one my camera died...the photographer got one so we will have to wait on that photo!

The beautiful bride and I after the bride's maid luncheon
 The rehearsal, all 3 of us!
 Wedding photos!
 I love you girls!!
 Bo and his mama! 

Sweet Lawson and I!

Surprise Baby Shower with my kiddos!

 My sweet room mom and partner teacher threw me a surprise baby shower! Although one of my kids did let the secret out the week before but he didn't get the chance to tell me when or any details about it. 
Last Thursday my kids and I were doing a graphing project and I got called to the office for a phone call. It is very rare that I will be called to the office in the middle of an instructional block to get the phone, so I was thinking this was their ploy to get me out of the room. I waited around the office for a bit, then was ushered to the activity room where I was greeted by 50 fourth graders, my partner teacher and a few of my student's moms! They had a table with cake and snacks and lots of great presents! The kids were so excited as I opened the presents and they munched on cake and trail mix. I got so many wonderful presents including a very thoughtful gift from each of my kids.  My students all wrote on an index card what it means to be a good mother. Then my room mom stuffed each card inside diapers. That way every time I change a diaper I will get to read a sweet note from my kiddos! 
Here are a few pictures of the fun afternoon! 
The whole group

St Simons Shower

One of the sweet hostesses Mrs. Barb and baby Audrey!
Me and Nat (hostess)

Lindsay and Audrey
Reversible Bailey Boys john john!

This is the sweet card Mrs. Ditmer wrote Bo and me with advice on parenting. I will post this soon.

Another wonderful hostess, Jessica
My sweet Mrs. Bevie
My present from the hostesses!!!
All the wonderful hostesses!!
Love her!
Jennifer, Nafi, Mrs. Bevie and me
Best friends and our baby boy bellies! Sweet Isaiah is due the week before Durham!
Their first play date of many!
More love!
Lots of love here!
Love the dress Jess!
Here are some pics from the baby shower on St Simons!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

hiccups and growing...

This little man is most definitely growing and that means I'm growing!!
My belly has become more round and is poking out more but I am happy because Durham is growing strong and healthy inside me!! 
I was so blessed at my baby shower on St Simons.  I have the sweetest most kind and generous friends a girl could ask for. There will be pictures to come as soon as I find the cord to attach the camera to the computer!
My sweet friend Jessica and I stayed at my parents condo and enjoyed being on the island and spending quality girl time while Bo was at a retreat in north Georgia.
While we were there, Jess really wanted to feel Durham move. Saturday morning as I am waking up I notice he is moving a little bit in rhythm. Jessica said maybe he as the hiccups! She was right she got to feel him have the hiccups for the first time. It was so precious!! They didn't last long but they were sweet!  On Saturday night as I was laying down for bed he was just a kicking and punching away! She got to feel him again and I enjoyed sharing that moment with her!
I know as he grows he will only move more and more and I cherish every moment with him in my belly!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Our babymoon was absolutely wonderful. We slept, relaxed, ate, and soaked up the sun as much as possible. We were so blessed to have that time with one another to grow closer as a couple and closer to God in our time of rest. 
Here are a few pictures!!
 These 2 pics are a view from our balcony.


 We spent a lot of time on our chairs reading!

 Our spot for pretty much every day!
 Sunset in Orange Beach

 This one is most def one of my favorites!

 There was a wedding on the beach one night!