Thursday, September 29, 2011


That is all I can say. 2 has been WAAAAAAAY too long since I have updated this and also my baby is 8 weeks old!! I can't believe how time has flied by and by sweet baby is getting so BIG!
So much has happened in these last 5 and a half weeks since I have updated this. I am going to try and remember as much as I can because I dont want to forget anything about my baby's life!
The first few weeks were pretty challenging. We just thought Durham was cranky and liked to be held all the time and rocked, or eat every hour, but little did we know he was hungry! I was not producing enough milk and my mother's instinct told me to go see the lactation specialist at the wonderful St Mary's hospital. I visited Donna and we discovered that I was producing enough for him to gain the 4 ounces a week but not enough to keep him happy for more than an hour. She suggested several methods to help him get more milk and I started supplementing him with pumped breast milk or formula.  As soon as I started this he was like a different baby!
He was eating, playing, and sleeping, in that order. He started sleeping more than an hour and a half at a time at night and it was wonderful!! Both Bo and I got more sleep and were much more rested during the day. I was still napping when he was napping which was a must in the beginning!
He has gained almost 2 pounds from Sept 17th to yesterday!! He is now up to 10 pounds 2 ounces. As happy as I am to see him gaining weight rapidly, it makes me sad to think he is getting bigger! Today while he was playing in his bouncy seat, I depressingly put away his new born clothes that no longer fit. :(
As I think about how sad it makes me think that he is not going to be small forever, I think about how I need to cherish EVERY moment I have with him. I want to make sure I play with him, talk, sing, and love on him at ever phase of his life.
He is learning so much each day. The passed couple weeks he has shown us lots of smiles and coos in the mornings which Bo and I absolutely adore. However, the passed few days Durham has been smiling and talking much more throughout the day not only in the morning.
He has been playing much more on the activity mat, looking at the lights above and listening to the music.  He loves to look at our faces and listen to us talk to him. I really can't get enough of him!!
I know he is my baby and of course I am partial but I really do think he is the more beautiful baby boy ever!!
He has been sleeping MUCH better at night!! 4 times in the passed week he has slept anywhere from 6-7 hours at a time! The first time he did that I woke up staring at him making sure everything was ok.  I was like "Bo should I wake and feed him?" He said "Well, how is he going to learn to sleep through the night if we don't let him?" I was like good point! So we let him sleep and he woke up VERY hungry! This has been awesome for Bo and me. We are loving being able to sleep more at a time without interruptions!
Up until today, we had to rock him or snuggle him to sleep during the day and then could not put him down unless he was really asleep, BUT today he was sleepy so I laid him down in his bassinet and he fell asleep and is still asleep!! YAY! I hope this continues. It will make me much better about sending him to the babysitter.

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