Tuesday, July 26, 2011

38 weeks

Well here we are at 38 weeks and counting...
He is getting a little tight in there but despite the lack of space he is still moving quite frequently!! He loves to move when his daddy talks to him. I love that. :)
Bo has had a really busy day and on the way home from an dinner event he told me Durham better not come tonight because he wants to be well rested for all that! I was like well uh, I don't think he is but I am not one to control that. We better just be well rested until he does decide to make his grand entrance!!
We went to the doctor's appointment on Monday and every thing is going great!! I am progressing and still on schedule. Dr Allen is very happy with how everything is going and we are all looking forward to meeting him.
I went to school today again to get more stuff ready just in case I don't make it to preplanning next Tuesday. I'm going to go in the morning also where one of our amazing parapros is going to come help me!!
It's going to be strange not starting school but I am enjoying my really long summer and I'm going to enjoy even more having a SON!! WOW, that's crazy. I'm having a baby!! God is so awesome and I am so blessed!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Braves game with the Fowler Family!

July 7th we went to the Braves game. We had awesome seats right behind home plate in the shade. Although the shade was absolutely wonderful it was still SO hot!
We all enjoyed spending time with each other especially during a victory for the Braves.

37 weeks, 3 days photos

Here are some photos I took.  I got the idea from my sweet sweet friend who is expecting her bundle the week before me!
I def feel this almost 7 pound baby inside me and he is precious!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We have window treatments!!

Grandma One came on Wednesday to hang the window treatments she made and they are beautiful!!
She did a fabulous job as usual.  I love the baseball bat idea and the shoe laces.   She also made the bed skirt for the crib which makes for a new storage place where I can hide things!!
I know the design and fabric we picked is something he can grow into also.  It also matches the letters for his name perfectly!
The room is almost done, all that is left is the bookshelf my daddy is making from one that I picked out in pottery barn kids. He is hoping to have that done by early next week and we can meet and get it. Then I can get his books, toys, and picture frames arranged on the shelves! I will get the pictures of the room up asap!
Here are some pictures of Grandma One and Bo working hard!


So yeah, these passed few nights have been rough. I've been to bed at 10 or earlier and have not fallen into a really good sleep until about 2 or 3. Either my nose is stuffed up and it is hard to breathe, I'm peeing every 30 minutes, or Durham is keeping me awake, especially between the times of 9 and 12.
I guess this is just getting me ready for motherhood when I really won't sleep!!
I sure am going to miss those 8-10 hour nights, but I know it will all be worth it for our little blessing!
I would be really productive right now and finish my chores that I didn't get to finish earlier but I don't think that Bo would appreciate me vacuuming at this time of night! Thankfully it is summer time and I am not having to go to work so I am able to sleep until at least 9 or 10 in the morning. Although Bo teases me about it, I am trying to get enough rest in before Durham arrives!

37 week doc appt

Our 37 week doctor appointment went great! All is still on track with our little man. We got an ultrasound and he is head down!!
The ultrasound predicted he is about 6 pounds 15 ounces but our fabulous ultrasound tech, Allie, said their measurements are always a little larger than normal. She predicted him to be able 8 pounds. I'm ok with that as long as he isn't much bigger. Bo was 8 pounds 15 ounces and I was on the lower end of 7 pounds.
I can't believe he could really be here ANY day! I am thrilled and so excited to finally meet him. He is still a busy little man in my tummy and loves to move around, especially when his daddy talks to him.
Durham was asleep in the ultrasound and we got to see his sweet profile. Allie noticed he was sucking his tongue while sleeping which is something I used to do when I was little. I would rub my blanket and suck my tongue. He also had his little hand resting on his forehead.
I look forward to holding him and loving on him!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

His room

His room is coming together. I have the letters for his name, bedding and pretty much everything else I would he would ever need and MORE.
Grandma One is coming over on Wednesday so Bo and her can hang up the window treatments, bed skirt, and cushions for the rocking chair. I also ordered knobs for the dresser/changing table to match the letters of his name. They should be in any time!! My dad is almost done with the book shelf and I have all the toys, baskets, and books to put on it.  Hopefully we will get it early next week!

Here is a picture of the letters and another one of the crib. There will be more pictures to come soon!!

Baby Swing!

We finally got a baby swing after the first one we got didn't work! Bo, my dad, and John put it together last week and then they took it right apart and my sweet parents returned it. Bo and I found another one we liked and ordered it. It finally came in to Wal-Mart and Bo and I picked it up last night and put it together! We absolutely love it and hopefully our little Durham will too!
Here are some pics of Bo, Daddy, and John putting together the swing that we didn't end up keeping.

Lake Lanier with the Fowler's

Bo and I went to spend the weekend at Lake Lanier with his family and had a wonderful time. The weather was a little rainy on Friday but the girls enjoyed going to the outlet mall for a couple hours. My over prepared self got 3 Christmas presents!! I was taking advantage of the awesome sales at Loft!!
The house had a great porch with very comfy chairs which we sat in in the surprisingly cool weather for hours.  Saturday we all went on the boat to a beach and hung out and played in the water for a while.  The boys enjoyed some tubing and skiing while the rest of us relaxed on the beach and in the water. 
It was a great weekend spending time with family and relaxing. The only downfall of the weekend was that I couldn't take my bed with me. Sleeping is getting more difficult especially when I am not surrounded by my mountain of pillows.  Last night was wonderful to be able to sleep in my own comfy bed with all my lifesaving pillows!

I'm 90% of the way there!!

We had our 36 week appointment last week and it went really well. I got checked to see if I was dialated and for group b strept. I am not dialated at all and will find out about the group b strept soon.  Only 30% of women test positive for it and it is not a danger for either me or the baby. We will just have to take a antibiotic when and if my water breaks.
Durham's heartbeat was a strong 148 and our doctor is not sure if he is head down yet so we are having an ultrasound on Wednesday to see his position and hopefully see how big he is! This will be his last pictures in the womb before we bombard him with photos when he enters the world!! YAY!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover is in Madison!!

There is a precious little girl who is quite deserving of the honor of receiving a home from Extreme Home Makeover and I am honored to be able to volunteer on her behalf!! She was in 4th grade down the hall from me this year and always had a smile on her face. She performed an amazing act of kindness for her little sister and suffered intense injuries.
Yesterday, Bo and I got to be a part of the beginning of the show where we did the Braveheart walk and welcomed the family to the site of their new house!!
Here is the blog of the week and I encourage you to read it!
Our little man is a tv star before he even came out of the womb!!
As Anaiah was getting in the limo with her family I was able to be up front and Paige noticed me and pointed at my belly.  We talked across the way for a moment!! It was so cool!!
Tues and Wed I get to volunteer in the air conditioned VIP tent to check in all our wonderful VIP sponsors! The tent is right in front of the house, so I get to watch this lot as it quickly turns into a home for a very deserving little girl!
These are a few pics I took yesterday!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Yes, that is me right now...yesterday I organized the cabinet in the dining room and the "new" to us, antique pie safe we got redone that was originally Bo's grandmother's.  Our sweet friend Christie Mitchell with Southern Priss designs ( gave it a little TLC.
Today I took everything out of the fridge and cleaned out the whole thing. Man, was it due for a cleaning!!
Nesting really makes me think...most pregnant women towards the end of their pregnancy clean and organize everything in their entire house. God knew we were going to be busy when our little one arrives!!
The other day I organized my bathroom cabinet that was in need of a cleaning. It now has more room and I actually know where things are!
Hmmm...what else is next to be organized or cleaned?? 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maternity photo shoot

My sweet friend Robyn of Robyn Lee Photography  ( took some AMAZING  photos of Bo and I in downtown Buckhead.  She had so many artsy ideas and I absolutely loved the experience! I got to change outfits and everything!
It was so special to take photos of our very anticipated little man as he grows in my belly! When I get the pics, I will def post them but until now check out my facebook where Robyn posted them!

4th of July family vacation

Bo and I took a last minute trip to St Simons for the annual Skeens family reunion. We had not planned on going ahead of time seeing as how I would be 35 weeks when we would leave but I called the doctor and she said it would be fine. So we went!!
I forget how humid it gets on St Simons but nonetheless we had a BLAST! We went to the pool and beach every day and I played with my sweet nieces and nephews. It is so fun to watch Andrew and Lauren at the beach and watch them as they are growing up so fast.  Caroline was such a joy at the beach. She absolutely loved the sand and water. Robert made a comment that she loves it so much because this is a place where she can get dirty and her mom won't yell at her! It made me think of our vacation next year and how it will be even bigger! Durham will be almost 1 and I hope if he is anything like his mommy will want to stay at the beach forever! He is still moving quite often and loving under my ribs and pushing a point part of his little self on my left side! As excited as I am to meet him I want to keep him protected as long as I can inside my belly!
We go back to the doctor next Wednesday for the 36 week appointment and hope to get an ultrasound!