Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is what Bo and I get to wake up to every morning this week!! We are staying in Orange Beach Al all week and are so excited to get a chance to relax and enjoy each other before our little angel arrives in August. I'm not sure if you have heard of a baby moon before but it is our last vacation before the baby arrives.  We most likely won't be going to the beach this summer and I don't know if I'm going to want to be a beached whale so this is a perfect time for us.  We are enjoying doing nothing and relaxing.  I'll post more pics soon!!

2 toned

So we are so blessed and are at the beach all week for my spring break. However, the first day comes and goes and we enjoy the beauty of all of God has created.  However, although we used sun screen some parts of me were more vulnerable than others. The top of my legs had not seen the sun yet this year and although I used the same sunscreen on all my legs the rest of my legs did not get burned but the top did. My sweet wonderful hubby ran to CVS and got me and him some strong aloe to ease our pain.  He only got burned on his belly and waist band but I have full confidence his will be tan by tomorrow as I hope mine will be too.

So the reason for the title...being pregnant, I am not able to lay on my tummy on the beach, therefore this leads me to become like a 2 toned woody station wagon. The front part of my body is definitely darker than the back.  My belly is still significantly lighter because I am not sure about exposing my sweet baby belly to the world yet!! So what do I do to tan the back of me?? I need some tips!! I may try a raft in the pool and I'll let you know how that works out...Let day 2 on Orange Beach begin!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sweet neighbors!

Bo and I have the best neighbors!
Look what they brought us! Even though it does have UGA all over it, I do think our little Durham is going to LOVE it!! It is hand painted and when he is born my neighbor is going to have his name and birthday painted on the back!! I LOVE personalized goodies!!
I am so blessed by all our friends and family and look forward to sharing our new angel with y'all!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, I'm not sure if you know this about Bo but he despises painting. He did help me paint the Georgia room and did a great job but he never willingly offers to paint.  I don't mind it. It is a fulfilling activity for me to complete because of what comes after all the hard work!
My dad and I painted the kitchen and dining room and I painted the bedroom all on my own.
So you can imagine, when time came to paint the nursery, he was not happy. Initially, we couldn't decide what to color to paint. The room was already a light khaki color and considering we had enough left over to paint the whole room without having to buy any paint we thought it would be cute if we just painting it the same color. I painted all the edges and used this amazing edger thing I got from Lowe's.   Bo did the rolling and since we were painting it the same color it went really quick.  We are also adding crown molding, which means Bo did not have to paint all the way to the top. I thought this was one of the easiest jobs Bo had ever painted.  So it was painted and looked really good especially after patching up all the holes and such. being a woman was still not set on this color, especially considering the rest of the living area in the house was the same color. I wanted the nursery to be unique.  The following weekend I went to Atl to visit my family while Bo was in Israel.  My sister and brother in law just bought a new house and had an extra can of paint in this beautiful green color. I was very excited when they offered it to me for FREE!! Everybody loves free stuff especially my hubby!! Except, free paint!! That is the one thing he will pay some one to take away! Well...the room is still khaki and I have yet to convince Bo to paint it the green color. I know it would look so cute with his bedding and hopefully before Durham is born it will be green. :) I'll keep you updated.
Here is a picture of Bo and his true feelings of painting...


So, I'm not sure about you girls, but I have always wanted to park at the spots in lots that are reserved for new or expectant mothers.  Living in a small town, there are very few parking lots in general, much less spots reserved for new or expectant mothers. Needless to say when I went to Alpharetta a couple weeks ago, I jumped at the chanced to park at one of these spots. My mom and I went to Buy Buy Baby and I immediately fled to my much anticipated parking spot!!
I had to take a picture!!

so in love...

I am falling more and more in love with this "little man" as Bo and I like to call him.  He does have a name but it is so fun to call him little man too. Friday night he woke me up at 3am "just a kickin, and kickin and kickin". I was so tempted to wake up Bo and have him feel him kicking too but I figured we need as much sleep as possible until little Durham is born. 
We went to the lake to visit some friends on Saturday and they really wanted to feel him move. However, ofcourse, when I wanted him to move he wouldn't move, even when I moved from side to side and laid on my back.  He already has a personality and I am loving getting to know him.
We had a discussion this weekend with our friends of what he is going to look like and who he is going to look like...I bet he will have big blue eyes like his daddy and a big smile that will steal the girls hearts. :)
I am really trying to enjoy this time of pregnancy instead of wishing for him to come.  Bo and I will NEVER get this time back of a married couple without kids after this baby is born and we want to take advantage of every moment we have with one another.  We are looking forward to being parents and pray each day for God to bless our family abundantly!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Belly pic 23 and a half weeks

My sweet hubby took this pic. I feel like I am huge already but I have to remind myself there is a baby growing inside me. Bo is so sweet to always tell me how beautiful I am and how he loves my growing belly an our baby inside. I hope you like the pic. Steph, thanks for reminding me to put this up!!

no words

There are no words to describe how incredibly blessed I feel by the opportunity to be able to carry and nurture one of God's children. I pray for Durham constantly and for his Salvation one day. It is such an treat to be able to feel him kick and move in my belly!! I wonder what he is thinking or doing as he is moving around so much.  I especially felt him move around this afternoon. I was walking around the room helping my kiddos with a solar system project and all of a sudden I would feel a kick! It is so special!
I got a message from a sweet dear friend who is expecting a baby boy just a week before me. I am so blessed to be able to share this pregnancy time with her!
This is what she wrote....
  "I love feeling this little guy kick and squirm around... don't you feel like you are taking part in one of the Lord's most amazing miracles.... every day of your life? it's so much joy... completely unexplainable..."
She nailed it. It is an unexplainable miracle that only our God could have created!!