Thursday, June 30, 2011


So being as how this little man's mom went to Florida and his daddy played football at UGA this baby is going to be very confused. We have received many wonderful presents but UGA is most definitely winning the race!

Here are some pictures of some of the goodies we have received from sweet friends. I do love all of the them!


I can really feel this little man moving inside of me!! Apparently when he is nudging himself under my ribs he is nestling on my soft smooth kidney.  I guess I would enjoy it too!
He is so active all the time and you can really see my belly move.  It makes me so happy to know he is moving so much and so active!
He still gets the hiccups quite often and I can really tell how he is positioned.  The doctor said it is ok if he is still moving around in the next couple weeks, as long as he gets head down by 37 weeks.
We are going to St Simons for a few days to spend the traditional weekend with the Skeens family and I'm so excited!

34 week doc appt

Bo and I went to our 34 week appointment on Tuesday and got to meet the other midwife. She is really wonderful. She was very encouraging and supportive as well as knowledgeable. 
The medical assistant let Bo find Durham's heartbeat!! He was elated!! Bo did a great job and found our little man's speedy strong heartbeat! I am measuring exactly 34 weeks and my blood pressure was excellent! This pregnancy has been such a blessing and we pray that God gets all the glory every step of this journey!!
The next doctor's appointment is in 2 weeks at 36 weeks. I will be tested for group b strept and they will see if I have dilated or not.  We will meet with our doctor and she said we hopefully will be able to get an ultrasound and see our sweet boy!

Lots of goodies!

We had another shower yesterday at Bo's home church. The ladies are so sweet to do that for us and we received some really sweet stuff from the families of the church!
Last night when we got home from spending some time at Bo's family's house, we both sat in the nursery and went through all the sweet things we got. I enjoyed spending time with Bo and looking through all our goodies!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My belly and my baby

This weekend Bo and I got to go to a marriage retreat in Asheville at the last minute. It was such a special time to get away from everything without cell phone service and spend some quality time with my amazing hubby!
We were so blessed by the speakers, friends, scenery, and quality time Bo and I had to share with each other.  People were so sweet complimenting my belly and telling me how great I look. It feels so great as a pregnant woman to be told we look beautiful. My wonderful hubby tells me all the time which also means so much to me.
Durham has really found my right ribs must enjoy nestling himself right next to them. I find myself constantly leaning back to ease some of the pain.  He also is still getting the hiccups a few times a week which is fun to experience with him.  Recently, he has enjoyed poking his elbow, or knee or something sharp out above my left hip.  It feels as though he is going to poke through my skin and come out now!!
We have our 34 week appointment tomorrow and then one more in 2 weeks and then we go every week after that! Hopefully at our 36 week appointment we will be able to get another ultrasound to see how big he is! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

33 weeks!!

Hey all! So I am officially feeling big and round!!
Durham is really moving all the time and it is so wonderful to feel him "swim" around in my tummy. My stomach moves around and people can see it. Bo is still so amazed by how much he moves and as he has his hand on my stomach yesterday he was like "is this normal?" referring to how much Durham was moving around. Bo has been a camp for the past 3 days and I was in Atl with my family visiting. I said oh yes, he I a very active little man. I can really feel him pushing up against my side and he got the hiccups twice in the past few days.
As much as I love being pregnant and feeling my little one inside of me, it is getting more difficult to get comfortable at night and stay asleep for more than 4 hours. I guess that is just training for what is to come.
We have another sweet shower this weekend at the church Bo grew up in and I know we will be so blessed by these sweet families.
We have a doctors appt on Monday and then another in 2 weeks an then we start going every week after that!! Crazy!! He is going to be here so soon. We are so excited about meeting our little angel!!
Here is a picture of me at 33 weeks!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My best friend's wedding

Bo and I got the opportunity to be a part of my best friend Kelly's wedding this past weekend! Her and Nathan are truly a wonderful couple and I pray God continues to bless their marriage.
We had a fabulous time in Asheville and enjoyed the cooler weather.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend that show off my baby bump! I'm 31 weeks here! He has definitely popped out in the last few weeks! (due date August 11)
The bride is next to me and the other pretty ladies are sweet bride's maids!! 

The best...

I have the best parents ever....they came in town for the afternoon and evening on their way to St Simons and really helped me!!
My mom and I spent time organizing the nursery and the guest bedroom closet and made a maternity dress while Bo and my dad relaxed and did a few projects around the house. Bo and my dad and already spent a whole day putting crown molding in the nursery so they deserved a break. The last time my parents came over my mom and I cut out pieces for a maternity dress and we finally sewed it together!! I sewed my first dress, with some great help from my mom! It looks really great and it plenty big to grow into it. I will take a picture and post it soon!

Here is a picture of his name. 
My mom and I also put the letters on the wall for Durham's name.  They are absolutely adorable and I love them. I found them on Etsy from Brittany She has been an absolute blessing and I have really enjoyed working with her!
Mom and I decided to use thumb tacks to hang them, then we tacky glued buttons to the tacks to give it a little more flair!
That is really all we have hung up yet. Bo's grandma and I went fabric shopping last week and found the fabric for the window treatment and roman shade she is making for the window in his nursery. She took the bat and it using it as the pole to hang the window treatment. I am so excited to see it! They will probably be done in the next few weeks. She is also making the bed skirt for the crib and a cushion for the rocking chair.
Bo and my dad are building a bookshelf to put in his nursery that we can store his books and toys with baskets.  My dad is making the plans for the shelf and Bo and I are going to go over to my parents so they can build the shelf in my dad's awesome workshop!!
We are also getting my grandma's rocking chair to put in the corner by the window to rock our baby boy to sleep!

It's been too long!

Sorry I haven't updated this in several days. Everything is still going really great! Durham has found my ribs and really enjoys "loving" on them. 
We went to the doctor today and met with the midwife. She is really awesome. Bo and I enjoyed meeting her and she seems wonderful and very good at what she does! She is the one who will be with Bo and I during the entire labor at the hospital.
She told me it was normal for babies at this point, 31 and a half weeks, to find their mamma's ribs and dig into them!
My belly is really getting bigger and is beginning to poke out day by day. It is so fun to feel Durham move so often and feel his butt, head or back.
Bo and I were at John's (Bo's 12 year old brother), baseball game and after it ended Durham was poking out and I told John to feel it. I said this must be like his head or butt and John proceeded to tell me it was probably his "muscular thigh"!! I got a kick out of this and yes it could be his thigh!!
Then the midwife was pushing around on my belly to figure out what position he was in and then she measured his heartbeat.  She said it was fast initially but then began to come down. The reason it was fast is because he has gotten excited from her pushing on my belly. She said he is a very smart baby because he was aware of what was happening and when it slowed down he was relaxing!!
Of course this got us happy because all parents think their babies are smart but now some one else does too!!