Tuesday, November 15, 2011

new camera!!

Bo got me my Christmas present from last year, valentines, anniversary and birthday present.  It is a Nikon DSLR camera and I love it! While Bo was at the uga/au game, Durham and I had a photo shoot.
Here are some shots from it. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

3 months and counting

He is growing so fast!! So since work has started my life is pretty much consumed with work, playing with my sweet baby, and my hubby. All the extra things I used to do while I was a full time mommy have been put on the top shelf. The work transition was tough.  I went back on a Wednesday before my fall break and then went back full swing the week after.  It was kind of a tease.  I would love to work 3 days then be off for a week! What a life that would be. But, none the less it isn't and I must work my normal 5 days 7:45-3:45 and not a minute earlier or later. ;)
Durham is such a joy. Every day I fall more and more in love with him and his sweet smiley personality. He loves to talk, read books, watch mommy and daddy, learn and look at new things, listen to mommy and daddy sing, laugh at our silliness.  He is really holding his head up awesome and is stretching his legs and pushing himself up when we hold him.  He particularly loves it when daddy plays airplane with him and that gets me very nervous. He is sleeping any where from 10ish to 5 or 6 which is amazing for mommy and daddy!
He is also sleeping in his big boy crib and not in the basinett in our room. This started on October 24th.
We all took our first trip to the island and went to the beach. It was really chilly and we had to bundle him up but we got some great pictures. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011


That is all I can say. 2 has been WAAAAAAAY too long since I have updated this and also my baby is 8 weeks old!! I can't believe how time has flied by and by sweet baby is getting so BIG!
So much has happened in these last 5 and a half weeks since I have updated this. I am going to try and remember as much as I can because I dont want to forget anything about my baby's life!
The first few weeks were pretty challenging. We just thought Durham was cranky and liked to be held all the time and rocked, or eat every hour, but little did we know he was hungry! I was not producing enough milk and my mother's instinct told me to go see the lactation specialist at the wonderful St Mary's hospital. I visited Donna and we discovered that I was producing enough for him to gain the 4 ounces a week but not enough to keep him happy for more than an hour. She suggested several methods to help him get more milk and I started supplementing him with pumped breast milk or formula.  As soon as I started this he was like a different baby!
He was eating, playing, and sleeping, in that order. He started sleeping more than an hour and a half at a time at night and it was wonderful!! Both Bo and I got more sleep and were much more rested during the day. I was still napping when he was napping which was a must in the beginning!
He has gained almost 2 pounds from Sept 17th to yesterday!! He is now up to 10 pounds 2 ounces. As happy as I am to see him gaining weight rapidly, it makes me sad to think he is getting bigger! Today while he was playing in his bouncy seat, I depressingly put away his new born clothes that no longer fit. :(
As I think about how sad it makes me think that he is not going to be small forever, I think about how I need to cherish EVERY moment I have with him. I want to make sure I play with him, talk, sing, and love on him at ever phase of his life.
He is learning so much each day. The passed couple weeks he has shown us lots of smiles and coos in the mornings which Bo and I absolutely adore. However, the passed few days Durham has been smiling and talking much more throughout the day not only in the morning.
He has been playing much more on the activity mat, looking at the lights above and listening to the music.  He loves to look at our faces and listen to us talk to him. I really can't get enough of him!!
I know he is my baby and of course I am partial but I really do think he is the more beautiful baby boy ever!!
He has been sleeping MUCH better at night!! 4 times in the passed week he has slept anywhere from 6-7 hours at a time! The first time he did that I woke up staring at him making sure everything was ok.  I was like "Bo should I wake and feed him?" He said "Well, how is he going to learn to sleep through the night if we don't let him?" I was like good point! So we let him sleep and he woke up VERY hungry! This has been awesome for Bo and me. We are loving being able to sleep more at a time without interruptions!
Up until today, we had to rock him or snuggle him to sleep during the day and then could not put him down unless he was really asleep, BUT today he was sleepy so I laid him down in his bassinet and he fell asleep and is still asleep!! YAY! I hope this continues. It will make me much better about sending him to the babysitter.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time flies!

My little angel is 17 days old already!! I can't believe it. These 2 and a half weeks have flown by!
I don't like that I haven't gotten on here but I have been a bit busy with my newborn. He is such an angel and I love him so much! Bo and I are absolutely smitten by our 7 pound 3 ounce baby boy!
Here are a few highlights of the last 2 and a half weeks.
The first few days were rough. Durham was getting used to his new life outisde my belly with gas and crying. Bo and I were like is it ever going to stop?! Well I did some research and apparently it is normal for babies to cry anywhere from 1-4 hours a day. The first few days he was home he definitely cried closer to 2 hours but every day has gotten much better and now he really just cries when he is fighting sleep or taking his sponge bath. Can you blame him for not wanting to get stripped down of his warm and cozy clothes and getting wet? Not me!
He has been eating every 2 hours but as of yesterday I am trying to turn that in to more like 2 and 15 or 2 and a half.
Sleep...that is a rarity in our house, well at least more than 3 hours at a time. Durham has been waking up every 2 hours to sleep although the passed few nights have gotten better and he has slept at least 1-3 hour stretch! YAY! I have been really trying to sleep while he sleeps and it has been totally worth it!
My mom has been an angel. We got home on Wednesday Aug 3 and she stayed thru saturday morning, then came back on monday and stayed thru friday, then she came back on sunday and stayed thru yesterday. I was very sad to see her leave. She did everything from cuddle with Durham at 3 am to mop, dishes, laundry and everything a wonderful Mimi would do for her grandbaby, daughter, and son in law. I am so blessed by her and my dad and don't know what I would do without their encouragement, guidance, and love!!
Durham is such a joy, his facial expressions and little noises are angelic!! I have so much enjoyed talking, singing and spending time with him. Durham is enjoying learning more about his arms and legs. He is getting much better at soothing himself. He will be sitting in his chair or beginning to wake up from a nap and he squeals a bit then soothes himself. I am very impressed and love to pick him up and love on him!!
We went to the doctor on Tues for our 2 week check up. It went great! He is back up to 7 pounds 3 ounces, only 3 ounces from his birth weight! He is growing well and the doctor is impressed!
Today is my first day alone with him and he is playing in his chair while I have a few minutes to work on this.
We have been very blessed by friends and family bringing food and goodies over for us and have eaten some really delicious food!
Durham took a really good  nap last night and Bo prepared supper for us and we got to eat just the 2 of us! It was such a treat!
Ok, baby boy is calling!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 4

Here is a picture of our sweet angel. 4 days old!!

He's here!

Bo and I decided to go to his parent's house for a few hours to spend some time with them, especially since his brother Dan and Claire had come into town. We had just eaten a delicious meal and were all hanging out in the pool room. I was relaxing on the recliner when I suddenly got up to go to the bathroom. Thankfully I made it to the toilet when WOOSH, my water broke.   I thought that was the case but called for Bo and then called for Claire who is a nurse.  We pretty much confirmed it and it kept coming. I called the doctor and they encouraged me to get to the hospital. Up to this point Bo and I had been so prepared by having the car seat and our bags but of course this time we had nothing. My sweet in laws went to our house to get everything while Bo and I raced to the hospital with Dan and Claire behind us.
I made all the phone calls to my family as Durham was coming and there was no turning back! After getting checked in to the hospital, we got settled into our room and the contractions started.  The nurses connected me to iv's and monitors and I was encouraged by my sweet nurse to walk the halls. So we got on wireless monitors and did just that! Bo and I walked and walked and walked and walked, along with other accommodating family members.  My contractions started at about 5:30pm and lasted til about 5:30am. I got local pain medication to ease the pain since I was not dilating as quick, they thought this may help me relax and help my body progress.  I got in the bed about 3:30 after about an hour more of walking to relax. Yeah, relax....not so sure about that. The pain medications took the edge off the contractions but they were coming heavy and tight.  About 5:30am I was in intense pain and was entering the transition stage of labor. I was about 5 cm so ready for my epidural.  By 6:30am I had my epidural and was ready. I was very thankful that I labored on my own for 12 hours but also very thankful for an epidural so I could relax.
My wonderful midwife, Anika, came into check on me after the epidural about 11 and I was 10 cm!! Bo had just gotten back from the waiting room eating lunch and boy was I glad! Anika said it's time we are having this baby!! PUSH!!!
I pushed for an hour and 15 minutes. What an experience!! There is no way to describe it but it was intense and so worth it. In the end we got to see and meet out angel!!
My doctor was not on call that day but loves us so much she came and was there for the whole pushing experience! I was so thankful I got to share that with her. She was a huge help. 
He came right out and Bo helped Anika put him on my belly then we started nursing and it was pure love between our new family of 3!!
They weighed him and he was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long.  He was bright eyed when he came out for a good hour and was loving all the attention.
We are learning more and more about him every day, minute and second as we learn how to become parents.  It is not easy but so worth it. The sleepless nights and crying fits are all worth our precious angel God has blessed us with.
I'm sorry if this is a little frazzled, it's about time for him to eat again and I will write more soon!
Check out this link to the photos taken at the hospital. I cry every time I look at them!!
Password RC0801fowler

Here are a peak at some pictures!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

38 weeks

Well here we are at 38 weeks and counting...
He is getting a little tight in there but despite the lack of space he is still moving quite frequently!! He loves to move when his daddy talks to him. I love that. :)
Bo has had a really busy day and on the way home from an dinner event he told me Durham better not come tonight because he wants to be well rested for all that! I was like well uh, I don't think he is but I am not one to control that. We better just be well rested until he does decide to make his grand entrance!!
We went to the doctor's appointment on Monday and every thing is going great!! I am progressing and still on schedule. Dr Allen is very happy with how everything is going and we are all looking forward to meeting him.
I went to school today again to get more stuff ready just in case I don't make it to preplanning next Tuesday. I'm going to go in the morning also where one of our amazing parapros is going to come help me!!
It's going to be strange not starting school but I am enjoying my really long summer and I'm going to enjoy even more having a SON!! WOW, that's crazy. I'm having a baby!! God is so awesome and I am so blessed!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Braves game with the Fowler Family!

July 7th we went to the Braves game. We had awesome seats right behind home plate in the shade. Although the shade was absolutely wonderful it was still SO hot!
We all enjoyed spending time with each other especially during a victory for the Braves.

37 weeks, 3 days photos

Here are some photos I took.  I got the idea from my sweet sweet friend who is expecting her bundle the week before me!
I def feel this almost 7 pound baby inside me and he is precious!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We have window treatments!!

Grandma One came on Wednesday to hang the window treatments she made and they are beautiful!!
She did a fabulous job as usual.  I love the baseball bat idea and the shoe laces.   She also made the bed skirt for the crib which makes for a new storage place where I can hide things!!
I know the design and fabric we picked is something he can grow into also.  It also matches the letters for his name perfectly!
The room is almost done, all that is left is the bookshelf my daddy is making from one that I picked out in pottery barn kids. He is hoping to have that done by early next week and we can meet and get it. Then I can get his books, toys, and picture frames arranged on the shelves! I will get the pictures of the room up asap!
Here are some pictures of Grandma One and Bo working hard!