Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bo felt Durham kick!!

Bo and I were watching a movie last night for our date night and our little man was kicking and doing somersaults like crazy.  Bo has tried to feel him kick several times but no luck...until last night.
Finally last night, he put his hand on my stomach and he felt it!!
It was such a special moment for all three of us!! He kept kicking and moving around like crazy. 
This little one is going to be a very active little boy!! I can already tell!

Monday, March 28, 2011

So blessed....

I am so blessed...I have the most amazing hubby.  It's not one particular thing that he did, it's everything.  He has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO patient, considerate, and sensitive to my needs without any grumbling.  I will all of a sudden burst out crying, some times for no reason at all, others for just the pure fact that we are having a baby! They are usually happy tears and my hubby just welcomes and embraces me with open arms. He calls me beautiful, disregarding the belly thats growing and growing along with my growing emotions! He told me the other day that he was surprised how I had not gotten emotional and crazy like he has heard may happen, even though some times I feel like I am.
Bo is truly the perfect man for me and treats me like a queen.  God is truly reflected in everything he does and I am honored and blessed to have him leading our family!!

He is most definitely a lively boy!

This little man keeps kicking and moving all around. It is so fun to feel.  I thought that maybe once I felt him it would become more real to me, and it has but I am also so ready for Bo to feel him!!
He has tried putting his hand on my belly for several minutes to feel him and I will but he won't. I know it will happen soon enough and then he won't stop kicking at all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More pictures of our angel!

We got to see Durham again last week and absolutely LOVED it!! He was squirming and moving around like a happy baby. Allie, our ultrasound girl was wonderful as usual and told us she was going to be taking some measurements and looking intently at his body.  This didn't make me nervous at all because she was so vocal with everything and gave us a detailed description of everything she looked at. It was amazing to see how she could tell tell the different parts of the brain, bones and heart. She even checked for a bone on his pinky which is important in his development. She found everything she was looking for and said they were all perfect!! I was so relieved. She did tell us his arms and legs were long and warned us he may be a big baby, but look at his tall daddy!  He is still a week and a half ahead of schedule, which I'm ok with. I'm sure when it gets to the end of July, I am going to be ready for him to come in this hot Georgia heat!
I have felt a few more movements and it is a pure joy!
We got a great little picture of his feet. They are precious!! Allie said they are about an inch and a half long already and his body is about as long as a banana!!
Please join with us and we continue to pray for his development!! I love sharing this with you!

Here are the pictures....

Monday, March 21, 2011

19 and a half weeks...

I have definitely noticed my baby belly growing along with some other things, my bottom!!
I am really trying to walk at least 30 minutes every day and do some hand weight exercises to keep what little muscle I have left!
Bo took a picture of me right after I had just done some exercise, so I definitely look worn out!

Baby Brain?

I have a definite case of it!
This morning I had to iron my dress for school. While there was no excess of time to spare like normal, I ironed the dress, got dressed and hopped in the car. I went about my day like normal when all of a sudden I was talking to the other teachers at recess and could not remember for the life of me if I had unplugged the iron....I went into panic mode! What if I hadn't? What if the house was a bunch of ashes and it was all my fault?? I rushed home in the middle of recess to find the iron off and unplugged!!
Thankfully my fears were irrational and dissipated as our house was still in one piece and our sweet puppy was safe!

Friday, March 11, 2011

He's home!!

I know it's been a few days since I have posted but I was busy welcoming my hubby home!!
Bo arrived Wednesday morning from Israel and had an incredible time. He learned so much about where Jesus walked and lived and came home with many stories and pictures as well as gifts for me!
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who loves God so much and loves me so much. 
My belly is growing by the day. I will update a picture this weekend to show you!
Last weekend I got lots of hand me downs from my cousins and nieces and nephew as well as things from friends. I am so excited for the room to be ready so I can organize it all but I know that will be a few weeks at least.  We hope to paint in the next few weeks and then get the furniture in so we can get stuff ready! I'm not sure what color we are going to paint but hopefully we will figure that once I decide what bumper to indecisiveness has greatly increased just like my growing baby!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Coming up with a girl name was difficult. Maybe because I knew in my mind she was a HE! We had a few options for girls but already had pretty much decided on a boy name.  We knew we wanted something different and unique. However, he is going to go by his middle name. Being a teacher, this annoys me because I'm always like "why don't parents call their kids by their first name?". Well I'm doing it to my son. Come to think of it, neither Bo nor I go by our first names. I don't go by Angela and he does not go by Robert. Well, either will our son!!
We have chosen Robert Durham Fowler Jr. after his "deddy".
We are going to call him Durham. Durham is Bo's mom's maiden name. We love it and look forward to calling our baby that!


As I was reclining on the sofa with Bo the other day I felt our baby BOY!
It was crazy.  I think it was February 24th. I had just talked to Natalie about what it felt like when she felt Audrey move. It was a the same feeling. I haven't felt it since but look forward to feeling it again and when Bo can feel him on my tummy.  He is 5 inches long from head to bottom and weighs about 5 ounces.  He would fit in the palm of our hand right now. Although I am so excited to meet him, I want to keep him safe and sound in my belly as long as I can.
When we were at the ultrasound, we saw him moving his mouth drinking and eating. He was moving around, hopping and swimming. He is going to be an active baby just like his mommy and deddy!!
My sweet mother in law told me a story about Bo when he was in her belly.  She said one sunday morning at church, he was moving around in her belly and her and her hubby could see it. She said she gave him a little swat and he stopped! I told her that was probably the first of many spankings he got!
I have a feeling this one inside me is going to be the same way. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BOY!!! Can you believe it!??!?

It's true. We were are as surprised as you!!
Deep inside I had a feeling, like a motherly instinct that he was a little boy. So here's is the story....
We had a check up yesterday at our wonderful Ob. Bo and I had talked in the car about how we were going to ask if we could sneak in and see our wonderful Ultrasound tech, Allile. We absolutely LOVE her. She is sweet and so open with us, just like Dr. Stephanie Allen. I was going to let Bo ask Dr. Allen and Allie if she had time to scan me real quick.  We went in and spoke to Dr Allen. She said everything looked great and prasied me for my excellent levels of Vitamin D. She gave me a "gold star" and said she hasn't seen this good in about 20 patients.  I was excited. I love the sun, milk, and eggs!! She said all the rest of my blood work came back great and I am O+ blood type. After we talked some and asked some questions, we told her Bo was going to Israel tomorrow and it would be so neat if we could find out what our angel was before he left. She didn't know we had already gotten scanned and thought it was a boy.  We wanted another picture of our baby! Any chance to see him again we wanted!! She asked Allie if she was busy and she was FREE! YAY!
We went in there and all of a sudden between those precious little legs was a weenie!! We were extatic!!!! I just knew it!! Bo was jumping around and elated.  Granted we were excited about a little girl but we both looked at each other over the weekend and said, "what if it is a BOY?? He could have had his little legs closed". Sure enough between those legs was proof that it was a BOY!!
No, no more ribbons and pearls for this little was going to be trucks, and every kind of athletic ball!!
 I'm so in love with him already!!!!
 Our sweet angel!!!