Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More pictures of our angel!

We got to see Durham again last week and absolutely LOVED it!! He was squirming and moving around like a happy baby. Allie, our ultrasound girl was wonderful as usual and told us she was going to be taking some measurements and looking intently at his body.  This didn't make me nervous at all because she was so vocal with everything and gave us a detailed description of everything she looked at. It was amazing to see how she could tell tell the different parts of the brain, bones and heart. She even checked for a bone on his pinky which is important in his development. She found everything she was looking for and said they were all perfect!! I was so relieved. She did tell us his arms and legs were long and warned us he may be a big baby, but look at his tall daddy!  He is still a week and a half ahead of schedule, which I'm ok with. I'm sure when it gets to the end of July, I am going to be ready for him to come in this hot Georgia heat!
I have felt a few more movements and it is a pure joy!
We got a great little picture of his feet. They are precious!! Allie said they are about an inch and a half long already and his body is about as long as a banana!!
Please join with us and we continue to pray for his development!! I love sharing this with you!

Here are the pictures....

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