Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BOY!!! Can you believe it!??!?

It's true. We were are as surprised as you!!
Deep inside I had a feeling, like a motherly instinct that he was a little boy. So here's is the story....
We had a check up yesterday at our wonderful Ob. Bo and I had talked in the car about how we were going to ask if we could sneak in and see our wonderful Ultrasound tech, Allile. We absolutely LOVE her. She is sweet and so open with us, just like Dr. Stephanie Allen. I was going to let Bo ask Dr. Allen and Allie if she had time to scan me real quick.  We went in and spoke to Dr Allen. She said everything looked great and prasied me for my excellent levels of Vitamin D. She gave me a "gold star" and said she hasn't seen this good in about 20 patients.  I was excited. I love the sun, milk, and eggs!! She said all the rest of my blood work came back great and I am O+ blood type. After we talked some and asked some questions, we told her Bo was going to Israel tomorrow and it would be so neat if we could find out what our angel was before he left. She didn't know we had already gotten scanned and thought it was a boy.  We wanted another picture of our baby! Any chance to see him again we wanted!! She asked Allie if she was busy and she was FREE! YAY!
We went in there and all of a sudden between those precious little legs was a weenie!! We were extatic!!!! I just knew it!! Bo was jumping around and elated.  Granted we were excited about a little girl but we both looked at each other over the weekend and said, "what if it is a BOY?? He could have had his little legs closed". Sure enough between those legs was proof that it was a BOY!!
No, no more ribbons and pearls for this little was going to be trucks, and every kind of athletic ball!!
 I'm so in love with him already!!!!
 Our sweet angel!!!

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  1. Haha that is awesome! I was so confused when I saw on facebook that he was a boy after reading on here that you were having a girl, so I had to come check it out:) How exciting! I have still been meaning to call you sometime...(no longer about the cabin because we found one in the smokey mountains we really liked)but it would be fun to catch up:) As you can imagine, however, I have been crazy busy so we'll see what happens! HOpe you are continuing to do well! Love you!