Tuesday, July 26, 2011

38 weeks

Well here we are at 38 weeks and counting...
He is getting a little tight in there but despite the lack of space he is still moving quite frequently!! He loves to move when his daddy talks to him. I love that. :)
Bo has had a really busy day and on the way home from an dinner event he told me Durham better not come tonight because he wants to be well rested for all that! I was like well uh, I don't think he is but I am not one to control that. We better just be well rested until he does decide to make his grand entrance!!
We went to the doctor's appointment on Monday and every thing is going great!! I am progressing and still on schedule. Dr Allen is very happy with how everything is going and we are all looking forward to meeting him.
I went to school today again to get more stuff ready just in case I don't make it to preplanning next Tuesday. I'm going to go in the morning also where one of our amazing parapros is going to come help me!!
It's going to be strange not starting school but I am enjoying my really long summer and I'm going to enjoy even more having a SON!! WOW, that's crazy. I'm having a baby!! God is so awesome and I am so blessed!

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