Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, I'm not sure if you know this about Bo but he despises painting. He did help me paint the Georgia room and did a great job but he never willingly offers to paint.  I don't mind it. It is a fulfilling activity for me to complete because of what comes after all the hard work!
My dad and I painted the kitchen and dining room and I painted the bedroom all on my own.
So you can imagine, when time came to paint the nursery, he was not happy. Initially, we couldn't decide what to color to paint. The room was already a light khaki color and considering we had enough left over to paint the whole room without having to buy any paint we thought it would be cute if we just painting it the same color. I painted all the edges and used this amazing edger thing I got from Lowe's.   Bo did the rolling and since we were painting it the same color it went really quick.  We are also adding crown molding, which means Bo did not have to paint all the way to the top. I thought this was one of the easiest jobs Bo had ever painted.  So it was painted and looked really good especially after patching up all the holes and such. being a woman was still not set on this color, especially considering the rest of the living area in the house was the same color. I wanted the nursery to be unique.  The following weekend I went to Atl to visit my family while Bo was in Israel.  My sister and brother in law just bought a new house and had an extra can of paint in this beautiful green color. I was very excited when they offered it to me for FREE!! Everybody loves free stuff especially my hubby!! Except, free paint!! That is the one thing he will pay some one to take away! Well...the room is still khaki and I have yet to convince Bo to paint it the green color. I know it would look so cute with his bedding and hopefully before Durham is born it will be green. :) I'll keep you updated.
Here is a picture of Bo and his true feelings of painting...

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  1. You just let me know when! I would love to help you paint the little man's room! Bo can grill us some yummy food while we paint! :) I love you lots!