Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 toned

So we are so blessed and are at the beach all week for my spring break. However, the first day comes and goes and we enjoy the beauty of all of God has created.  However, although we used sun screen some parts of me were more vulnerable than others. The top of my legs had not seen the sun yet this year and although I used the same sunscreen on all my legs the rest of my legs did not get burned but the top did. My sweet wonderful hubby ran to CVS and got me and him some strong aloe to ease our pain.  He only got burned on his belly and waist band but I have full confidence his will be tan by tomorrow as I hope mine will be too.

So the reason for the title...being pregnant, I am not able to lay on my tummy on the beach, therefore this leads me to become like a 2 toned woody station wagon. The front part of my body is definitely darker than the back.  My belly is still significantly lighter because I am not sure about exposing my sweet baby belly to the world yet!! So what do I do to tan the back of me?? I need some tips!! I may try a raft in the pool and I'll let you know how that works out...Let day 2 on Orange Beach begin!!!

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