Tuesday, April 19, 2011

so in love...

I am falling more and more in love with this "little man" as Bo and I like to call him.  He does have a name but it is so fun to call him little man too. Friday night he woke me up at 3am "just a kickin, and kickin and kickin". I was so tempted to wake up Bo and have him feel him kicking too but I figured we need as much sleep as possible until little Durham is born. 
We went to the lake to visit some friends on Saturday and they really wanted to feel him move. However, ofcourse, when I wanted him to move he wouldn't move, even when I moved from side to side and laid on my back.  He already has a personality and I am loving getting to know him.
We had a discussion this weekend with our friends of what he is going to look like and who he is going to look like...I bet he will have big blue eyes like his daddy and a big smile that will steal the girls hearts. :)
I am really trying to enjoy this time of pregnancy instead of wishing for him to come.  Bo and I will NEVER get this time back of a married couple without kids after this baby is born and we want to take advantage of every moment we have with one another.  We are looking forward to being parents and pray each day for God to bless our family abundantly!

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