Monday, June 27, 2011

My belly and my baby

This weekend Bo and I got to go to a marriage retreat in Asheville at the last minute. It was such a special time to get away from everything without cell phone service and spend some quality time with my amazing hubby!
We were so blessed by the speakers, friends, scenery, and quality time Bo and I had to share with each other.  People were so sweet complimenting my belly and telling me how great I look. It feels so great as a pregnant woman to be told we look beautiful. My wonderful hubby tells me all the time which also means so much to me.
Durham has really found my right ribs must enjoy nestling himself right next to them. I find myself constantly leaning back to ease some of the pain.  He also is still getting the hiccups a few times a week which is fun to experience with him.  Recently, he has enjoyed poking his elbow, or knee or something sharp out above my left hip.  It feels as though he is going to poke through my skin and come out now!!
We have our 34 week appointment tomorrow and then one more in 2 weeks and then we go every week after that! Hopefully at our 36 week appointment we will be able to get another ultrasound to see how big he is! 

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