Monday, June 13, 2011

It's been too long!

Sorry I haven't updated this in several days. Everything is still going really great! Durham has found my ribs and really enjoys "loving" on them. 
We went to the doctor today and met with the midwife. She is really awesome. Bo and I enjoyed meeting her and she seems wonderful and very good at what she does! She is the one who will be with Bo and I during the entire labor at the hospital.
She told me it was normal for babies at this point, 31 and a half weeks, to find their mamma's ribs and dig into them!
My belly is really getting bigger and is beginning to poke out day by day. It is so fun to feel Durham move so often and feel his butt, head or back.
Bo and I were at John's (Bo's 12 year old brother), baseball game and after it ended Durham was poking out and I told John to feel it. I said this must be like his head or butt and John proceeded to tell me it was probably his "muscular thigh"!! I got a kick out of this and yes it could be his thigh!!
Then the midwife was pushing around on my belly to figure out what position he was in and then she measured his heartbeat.  She said it was fast initially but then began to come down. The reason it was fast is because he has gotten excited from her pushing on my belly. She said he is a very smart baby because he was aware of what was happening and when it slowed down he was relaxing!!
Of course this got us happy because all parents think their babies are smart but now some one else does too!!

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