Monday, June 13, 2011

The best...

I have the best parents ever....they came in town for the afternoon and evening on their way to St Simons and really helped me!!
My mom and I spent time organizing the nursery and the guest bedroom closet and made a maternity dress while Bo and my dad relaxed and did a few projects around the house. Bo and my dad and already spent a whole day putting crown molding in the nursery so they deserved a break. The last time my parents came over my mom and I cut out pieces for a maternity dress and we finally sewed it together!! I sewed my first dress, with some great help from my mom! It looks really great and it plenty big to grow into it. I will take a picture and post it soon!

Here is a picture of his name. 
My mom and I also put the letters on the wall for Durham's name.  They are absolutely adorable and I love them. I found them on Etsy from Brittany She has been an absolute blessing and I have really enjoyed working with her!
Mom and I decided to use thumb tacks to hang them, then we tacky glued buttons to the tacks to give it a little more flair!
That is really all we have hung up yet. Bo's grandma and I went fabric shopping last week and found the fabric for the window treatment and roman shade she is making for the window in his nursery. She took the bat and it using it as the pole to hang the window treatment. I am so excited to see it! They will probably be done in the next few weeks. She is also making the bed skirt for the crib and a cushion for the rocking chair.
Bo and my dad are building a bookshelf to put in his nursery that we can store his books and toys with baskets.  My dad is making the plans for the shelf and Bo and I are going to go over to my parents so they can build the shelf in my dad's awesome workshop!!
We are also getting my grandma's rocking chair to put in the corner by the window to rock our baby boy to sleep!

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