Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3rd trimester

I feel like the second trimester FLEW by with baby showers, weddings and the end of the year. They say that is is the "easiest" time of pregnancy and I most definitely agree. It was pretty comfortable. As the days go by, my belly is REALLY growing and getting tight.
Durham is really moving around a lot and likes to poke either his head or butt out at me. It is such a crazy feeling.  I also catch him kicking me on both ends of my tummy. He must love to stretch out like his daddy. I was driving in the car the other day with my mother in law and all of a sudden I got this crazy urge to pee! I was like wow, this has never happened before. Thankfully we were only about 5 min from home, but by the time we got home he had moved and the necessity to pee was not as urgent as it was 5 minutes before! It's crazy that there is a little almost 3 pound 15inch baby inside me growing! I just love it!!
This is the time they say when Durham will be packing on the fat which means I will too! I am really trying to control my eating and not gain too much wait but let him do all the gaining! I was really excited the other day to only gain 1.5 pounds in 4 weeks!
Now we are on every 2 week appointments then 1 week appointments!! So exciting!

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