Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He found my ribs!!

So earlier, I was talking about how this little man is not a calm one. He has been kicking and kicking and kicking! Recently in the passed few days he has found my ribs!! I have really noticed him pushing against my ribs, specifically my right ribs. Although they may not always be the most comfortable movements to his mamma it is comforting to know he is enjoying himself so much in my belly!
I was telling a coworker about all his movements the other day and she made a very profound comment. She has 2 boys who are in second and fourth grade and noted to me that she will never get those feelings back. She is so right, she said to me "Oh to get those feelings back!" This has made me enjoy every kick and push even more and cherish all the little moments I get with him in my belly!

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