Sunday, May 15, 2011

hiccups and growing...

This little man is most definitely growing and that means I'm growing!!
My belly has become more round and is poking out more but I am happy because Durham is growing strong and healthy inside me!! 
I was so blessed at my baby shower on St Simons.  I have the sweetest most kind and generous friends a girl could ask for. There will be pictures to come as soon as I find the cord to attach the camera to the computer!
My sweet friend Jessica and I stayed at my parents condo and enjoyed being on the island and spending quality girl time while Bo was at a retreat in north Georgia.
While we were there, Jess really wanted to feel Durham move. Saturday morning as I am waking up I notice he is moving a little bit in rhythm. Jessica said maybe he as the hiccups! She was right she got to feel him have the hiccups for the first time. It was so precious!! They didn't last long but they were sweet!  On Saturday night as I was laying down for bed he was just a kicking and punching away! She got to feel him again and I enjoyed sharing that moment with her!
I know as he grows he will only move more and more and I cherish every moment with him in my belly!  

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  1. :) Love you lots! What a wonderful weekend together!!