Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Fowler is on the way and I want to keep you updated!

After many hours of thinking about how this needed to be created I finally decided to do it! Since so many of my close friends and family live so far away, this will be a great way for y'all to be updated on our journey of our new little blessing who is growing!!
I can't believe God has blessed us with a baby!! Baby F is now the size of a lime.  We have been keeping up with the development with help from and
As for now, I would like to give you an update on the first trimester...
The Lord called Bo and I to get off birth control and allow Him to really take control of that part of our life. Boy, did HE!!
It wasn't but a couple months later that we found out we were pregnant!! We are confident in God's timing and that it is perfect (Romans 12:2). 
One early morning in December, I decided it was time to take a dollar store pregnancy test my doctor recommended.  As soon as I took it I noticed those pretty lines on the test. These were lines I have never seen before. I was filled with a mix of emotions as most pregnant women do. I was wondering how to tell Bo in the few minutes I had to spare before I had to get in the shower to get ready for school. I remember how he bought these UGA booties at a yard sale about 2 years ago.  I grabbed them and walked over to him as he was still half asleep in the bed and asked him while holding up the booties "Are you ready to use these?".  He looked at me all sleep eyed and was like "What?". haha Then I just told him "I'm pregnant!" He grabbed me and was excited, as much as he could be still half asleep. I wanted to enjoy the moment more but really had to start getting ready for school.  It was definitely a whirlwind and I went to school very distracted and could not believe I was having a baby!

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