Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Fowler's 1st toys!!!

Baby Fowler got their first toys last night.  They are so cute! I think I am more excited than baby F will be!
There is a cute blue elephant, I named him Ellie, 2 teething toys, a rattle, and baby keys. I can just imagine our little sweetie drooling all over the toys and it makes me so happy!! Here is a picture of the cute toys!! I know these will be the first of many toys this baby will receive. Thanks Grandpa and Betsy! sweet friend Stephanie bought us a diaper bag, onsie, and bib!! I absolutely LOVE the onsie and I know my Gator girls will love it too. As expected, Bo is not such a fan of the gator on it.
The diaper bag is perfect, especially since we don't know the sex of our baby yet.  The colors are great and it will match everything! I am ready to get it full of stuff for our little blessing!
I even asked Bo if he will carry it and he said yes! Thanks Steph!!

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