Thursday, February 3, 2011

How we told the Parents...

This was so hard to hold in since we both love to share everything with our friends and family. We decided this would be a perfect Christmas present for our wonderful parents. A couple months prior to Christmas a wonderful friend of ours took some amazing photos at Bo's family farm to celebrate Bo's parents 25th wedding anniversary. After looking through all the photos we finally picked some out to put in a big frame.  We decided we would get a big frame and leave one of the spots empty. There we wrote "Coming soon in August".  We were excited about the idea and were anxious to give it to the future grandparents!!
After FCA Winter Recharge where I was taking 3 hour naps due to the extra sleepiness of the first trimester, we finally went to the Fowler farm to celebrate Christmas until Christmas Eve.  Initially, Bo and I were going to give the frame to his parents Christmas eve morning but we couldn't hold it in anymore and due to my morning sickness that morning we didn't want them to get suspicious about me being sick so often.  Bo's aunt, uncle and cousins were also there along with the whole Fowler family.  Bo handed the present to his parents, thankfully they were sitting next to each other and they opened it.  My heart was beating SO fast and I was nervous. Another crazy mix of emotions that comes with being pregnant. Mrs. Della looked at all the pictures and was not sure what the "coming soon" meant. Mr. Tony caught on immediately and they were speechless, only for a moment ofcourse, especially if you know my sweet mother in law. There were tears, excitement and joy, as well and surprise from everyone in the room!! Bo and I were so relieved we didn't have to hide this anymore!
How we told my parents....
My parents are pros at being grandparents by know considering they have 3 sweet nieces and nephew.  We told my parents the night after we told Bo's parents. I decided to do something similar to Bo's parents.  I made a photo calendar on snapfish. On the front it was a picture of my parents from our wedding and words below the picture that said "All because 2 people fell in love..." Throughout the months of the year were photos of my family including the grandbabies.  The picture for August was a baby carriage that said "Due in August". When they finally got to August, they were elated and very excited to have another grandbaby in the family. 
There were many hugs that were exchanged among all the families and we know this baby is going to be thoroughly spoiled with hugs and kisses!

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