Monday, February 21, 2011

moving furniture....

Today was the day we decided to move the guest room into the office and the office upstairs.  We have been working nonstop from 10-4. The guest room/sewing room is done and the nursery is fairly empty. We are both tired and Bo was a such a help moving and picking up all the heavy stuff.
Check out my hubby's amazing idea of putting all my ribbon on my clearance towel racks I got at tjmaxx.  He is so smart and I love to be able to see all my ribbon now!
Bo moved the desk upstairs as well as tons of books.  We had a very productive day and are both now pooped! Here are a few pictures of our achievements!
The empty nursery...(which used to be the guest room)

The nursery will hopefully be decorated soon beginning with painting and crown molding, then furniture!
The guest room before...

 The guest room after...

The office added to the Georgia room.

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