Sunday, February 6, 2011

I finally told my kiddos...

So I had been debating on when and how to tell my fourth grade babies. I had so many teachers come up to me asking how I was feeling and mentioning "baby" and "getting sick".  I just knew one of my kids were going to catch on and I wanted them to hear it from me.  I decided to tell them the day after my 12 week appointment.  I told them that I wasn't just one anymore.  I kind of thought some one would catch on but after about a 10 second lull of staring at blank faces, I told them "I'm pregnant". I got so many responses.  My girls for the most part were so excited and I had some boys who were angry. I asked them why they were angry and they were concerned that I was going to leave them.  I assured them I was not going anywhere this year and would be here the whole year with them.  They were very relieved and from then on began getting excited for me. One girl said well, I'm not big enough to be pregnant. I told her thank you but that my stomach was growing quickly.  Then came the best comment of all, one of my "out to lunch" students said, "Well I was wondering why you were getting bigger". I was like well thanks!  I hope she doesn't turn into one of those people who ask total strangers when their baby is due, when they aren't even pregnant!
One of my boys has decided to name my baby Bob.  When he comes into the classroom in the morning, instead of greeting me with Mrs. Fowler, he says "Hey BOB!'.

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