Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tears, tears and more tears....:(

I have been crying on a dime. Thankfully it hasn't happened at school but my emotions sure are all over the place. 
It could have to do with the fact that my husband and the father of my baby is going to Israel in a week for 7 days.  With all the drama and unrest happening in the middle east,  I am not exaclty confident about him going.  We have had many dicsussions and he will not go if it is not safe, even if it is the day before he is supposed to leave. He is in close contact with the man who lives there and another man who is going and travels very often to Israel. My dad reminded me that they have been fighting in that area for thousands of years and probably will be fighting for thousands of more years.  People travel to Israel all the time to visit and are fine.  Bo will be staying in Bethleham and traveling same places Jesus traveled.  A sweet amazing woman of God reminded me to pray scripture and proclaim God's promises over and over again.  She mentioned this will be faith stretching and will help me grow in my faith with the Lord.  I have to minute by minute and second by second remind myself of God's protection and plan for mine and Bo's life!
Thanks for all your prayers!!

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