Sunday, February 6, 2011

The first trimester....

As much as getting sick is unpleasant, I am fortunate that I was only sick for a handful of times. Weeks 3-11 were pretty rough and were the worst with nauseousness and vomiting. I was extremely tired and got sick about 2-3 times a week. After talking to other mommy's, they said this was not too bad. 
One my biggest fear was that I was going to get sick during school and I was going to have to run out my outside door.  Thankfully that has not happened and hopefully it won't. 

Week by week I was getting the emails from updating me about this amazing baby growing inside of me. I constantly pray to God and am in awe of his awesomeness and how he is creating and living being.  I wonder how people cannot believe in God after learning about such an intricate process of going from an egg and sperm to a baby. 

We went to our first doctor appointment on January 3rd.  We got an ultrasound and was awestruck when we saw this little "peanut" with a very fast heartbeat inside of me.  A rush of emotions came through me as they have been doing the passed few weeks. I was crying and Bo was absolutely thrilled and in awe as well.  We got our first picture of baby Fowler or as my dad calls him/her BF1. 
Here is a picture at 8 weeks.
We scheduled our next appointment for a month later and the time flew by.  I love how my husband has come with me to every appointment and wants to come with me to every one. We went for our 12 week appointment on February 1st.  I am so thankful for working at such a wonderful school. My administration is so supportive of me leaving a little early to drive the 45 minutes to my doctors appointment and for having such wonderful teachers and parapros around me.  They constantly ask how "we" are doing and I feel so much love and excitement from them.

On the way to the appointment,  I was really quiet and Bo knew something was wrong.  I was overcome with crazy emotions and was scared of the ultrasound.  I was nervous about finding something wrong. The night before I asked Bo "What if our baby has 4 arms?" He answered without hesitation, "Well, he'll be a really great juggler!" Bo always knows what to say and do to make me feel better and make me smile. He never gives up on me and has a special way of making me smile even when I don't want it.
On the car ride, Bo assured me of God's plan and the verses that He tells us "He knit us together in our mother's womb".  He then started praying for God to calm my nerves and be with us, the doctors, and our baby during this appointment.  I immediately felt God's peace come over me. When we finally get there, we had the ultrasound and saw our little angel!! Allie assured us everything was perfect. Baby F does not have 4 arms!!! We got to see Baby F jump up and down.  Allie said at this point the baby has nerve endings all over his/her body and he is constantly moving around.  She checked the head and said everything looks right on track.  She measured Baby F and it looks like he is measuring at coming August 5th instead of August 11th. I bet at that point in our hot, humid Georgia, I am going to be ready to deliver.  Our ultrasound has both 3d and 4d which I am very excited about taking advantage of later on but for know the regular ultrasound picture looks the best.
Here it is!! BF1 is giving a high five!!
Unfortunately we could not find out the sex, and won't until 20 weeks at my doctors office.  However, one of Bo's friends works at First Call and offered to give us a FREE ultrasound!!  I am so excited about this and I'm so eager to find out if it is a boy or girl so I can start registering and thinking more about names. We are planning on going in the next couple weeks. 

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